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Save up to 90% on your International calls and SMS

Add credit to mobile phones of your loved ones around the world

Best Rates to Call Africa, Maghreb, Asia and Overseas Territories

Amazing Rates for Europa and America



Woma Mobile Dialer is your New App for Cheap International calls and Mobile Top Up. No matter which country you are calling from, the price is the same for a destination and always very low. You can refill at any time the mobile of your family and friends around the world. Free up your desires to call with the Best Rates on the Market.


Registration or Login ISSUE

For Registration or Login Issue please contact us or send mail to and give your Mobile Number.

Pour des difficultés à s’enregistrer ou à se connecter, merci de nous contacter à en précisant votre numéro de téléphone.

Para el registro o la edición de la conexión póngase en contacto con nosotros o envíe el correo a y dé su número móvil.

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Woma Mobile Dialer App

International Calls and Sms

Amazing Rates for International Calls and Sms. You can call or text directly any mobile phones and landline around the world.
Woma Mobile always use PREMIUM route to guarantee excellent voice quality.

International Mobile Recharge

Recharge the mobile phone of your friends and family abroad 24/7. We cover 400+ mobile operators in more than 100 countries all around the world (Africa, Maghreb, Asia, Europa, America, Overseas territories…).

Available Payment Methods

You can add credit on your Woma Mobile Account by Credit Card, by PayPal, via Code given by a reseller and By Credit Transfer between users.
Credit card payment is handled by Mastercard MIG platform and All our payment methods are very safe.


For Africa, Maghreb, Asia and Overseas Territories.

Amazing Rates for Europa and America.

Find your Destinations, check our Rates

Choose your country to view available rates,
also you may enter country code to check the price for it.

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International Mobile Recharge

Refill the credit of your family and friends abroad. You can make International Mobile Recharge 24/7.
“To make a Top UP you must have sufficient Credit on your Woma Dialer Account”.

1. Login to Woma Mobile Dialer

2. Click on “Top UP” menu

3. Chose country, operator, amount, number to refill

4. Confirm & Pay

We cover more than 400 mobile operators and over 100 countries all around the world.
Africa - Maghreb - Middle East - Asia - Australia - Europa - America


Woma Mobile Dialer is an easy-to-use app with amazing features like Balance information, Credit Transfer between two user, excellent voice quality even in 2G data network… You can make cheap calls with crystal clear voice quality and enjoy international Mobile recharge at a very low price.

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